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We are a legitimate, tax paying state & federal established business since 1962 & professional consulting firm that is international & used worldwide. High integrity, honesty, values, & ethics.

Ask The Questions You Desperately Need Answered

 Psychic Readings, Personal Advisory, Spiritual Readings, (seeing & talking to the dead, development of psychic abilities & much more)
Professional, Career & Business Consulting,

Life Reading/Human Design

Holistic Psychologist


High Integrity, Honesty & Ethics
"True Psychic Visions & Insights©"

Advisor to Law Enforcement/ FBI &  Abilities Tested to be 98% accurate, Advisor to The White House Under Generations of United States Presidents Regardless of Political Party, Advisor to US Senators & Representatives (Official Documents Posted)


Legal Notice: There is no other psychic, consultant, reader, tarot card, palm reader, therapist etc.,  working under the name of Angelic Inspirations legally, none connected to or employed by Angelic Inspirations International Inc. LLC legally under World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD.
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"How we deal with our psychic abilities determines the kind of person we are. Just like having and using values, and ethics, psychic abilities are just as important. It is up to each one of us, whether or not we choose to use these psychic abilities. If we choose to develop them, to use them with understanding, responsibility & wisdom. In turn, using them to make a difference in the world."©   Psychic Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD


World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium & Professional Consultant Dr. Rose Ann Schwab PhD is an award winning accurate psychic, over 55 years experience, highly educated, & many fields of expertise including parapsychology, psychology, law to name a few with education, experience and expertise. She has had near death experiences, one at the age of 6 of drowning with while swimming with her sister. Rose has talked and channeled angels and "dead people" since the age of 4. She was born with her gifts and has used them all her life to make a difference. Rose has worked as advisor to The White House/US Presidents for generations, law enforcement, and FBI. Rose has been tested by law enforcement, to be 98% accurate. Rose has also assisted in advisory sharing her insights and gifts with senators and representatives of legislature in the US government for many years assisting in making a difference,  whom she works with in moving our country forward not backward. She is known as the top consultant, psychic reader, personal consultant, relationship counselor, life coach, career and professional business advisor as well as spiritual advisor that is used and loved worldwide. Rose is a visionary using her gifts to make a difference.


Rose does not do tarot cards, palm readings or use props of any kinds. She is a true genuine gifted psychic with a credible established reputation of high integrity, ethics, honesty and high accuracy through years of hard work that establishing herself as the Top World Renowned Psychic Medium and Professional Consultant used Today worldwide.

Rose's gifts and abilities are in the category, Nostradamus, Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce to name a few, high established credible reputation, accuracy, honesty, ethics and integrity. Rose has taught at the University of Minnesota for over 5 years in a private special requested class.

When you receive a reading or consulting from Rose, you will feel and know the difference in your experience right away. With Rose's near death experience individuals have stated that you can definitely see the light surrounding Rose & when she talks feel the presence of light and angels all around her. It is like "Having A Little Bit Of Heaven Right Here On Earth.©"

In Rose's outstanding work, she is well known for her predictions of the terrorist attacks on America, severe storms/weather, unsolved mysteries......Terrorist plans and plotting to attack U.S. during political process, 100% accuracy in 2004 election predictions.... as well as past election predictions what does the future elections hold for us in the quakes,.....polar changes, tsunamis....500 golden years... gas, oil and heating increased prices 5 years before they occurred and much more.


Rose has predicted intensity in earth changes, storms, earthquakes and more live on YouTube  link, as well as on her Predictions Page before it has happened in actual fact years before it has actually happened, warning the government & The White House. In Rose's outstanding work, she is well known for her predictions of the terrorist attacks on America, severe storms/weather, unsolved mysteries......Terrorist plans and plotting to attack U.S. during political process, 100% accuracy in 2004 election predictions.... as well as past election predictions what does the future elections hold for us in the quakes,.....polar changes, tsunamis....500 golden years...and much more. Rose's predictions have come true with 98% accuracy. Rose is known as the "reliable source" or "credible source" in the reporting in news briefings, CNN, to the media and the public from the White House and other sources. Rose's Predictions Link




 (Please Read Thoroughly)

Staff  link 5 Employees, but only Dr Rose does the readings or consultings

We give a percentage to Food Shelters, Homeless Shelters, Dog Shelters, & various charities off the top)

Individual Psychic Vision Readings, Spiritual Readings/Advisory, Personal Advisory, Professional & Business Consulting:  USD By Phone, Webcam/Skype or in person. Fees $1500 30 min, 60 min $3000 Limited Time  Special: Last Change to Get these low prices; $1200 for 60 min, $1000 for 30 mins,. You must ask for the Limited Time Offer Office: 763-535-7982

Individual Psychic Life/Human Design Readings: (which are 3-4 weeks work and are documents and charts.) Your Human Connection & Design Complete Documents/Charts Life Reading: per person;  (Not phone or in person readings but documents & charts based on your birth date, time of birth and visions from Rose).  You must ask for this. In paper form and takes 3-4 weeks to process and mailed. Human Design Life Reading Link  Limited Time Special $1800. Last Change to Get these low prices; Plus a bonus Holiday gift to your choice of 2 of Dr. Rose's books in PDF form to down load to your computer, or your book reader, emailed to you. You must ask for this Special. Office: 763-535-7982

Lower Scaled FEES For THOSE IN NEED  HOLIDAY SPECIAL; PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY! THIS AREA IS NOT FOR THOSE WHO CAN PAY REGULAR FEES, BUT DON'T WANT TO. NOT FOR HIGHER INCOMES. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY!  This offer is only for the month of Dec. for those in need, that meet our requirements, qualify & are accepted by Dr. Rose. This money comes out of Rose's own pocket to help the needed at this Blessed Time of The Year. There are no giving of service then scams to get refunds. All information & complete written notes/details are kept as record of sessions that are turned into the merchant processing terminal company with proof of client information in great detail & our attorneys. This area is only for those who are honest, truly sincere in wanting a reading with Rose, understanding their are no refunds once the payment has been received & time scheduled. We understand that you are having financial difficulties, but you are not going to scam us. Limited clients accepted. You must be sure you want a reading. We do not accept or tolerate scam artist clientele & prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Unfortunately this holiday time we have experienced both those that have money of over $2,500 a yearly income expecting a scaled fee of $50 reading, or those that are scamming clientele who want the reading, with question after question to get their money's worth, but then proceed to claim fraud or scam with the credit card companies, because of their financial situation. We again stress if you do not have the money, to have a reading, it is not a life death situation, don't call us. We do not tolerate scamming from clients. We ourselves do not scam, nor are we scammers. We are honest with high integrity, ethics, values, & live our lives in action that way.  Why would anyone do these things rich or poor. The answer is because you don't respect us, but mainly you don't respect yourself!

Rose is not like your local psychic and her gifts are unparallel, with her giving a tremendous amount of information with 98% accuracy rate.

Main Office phone line 763-535-7982 Central Standard Time   (land line not Skype Video Conferencing) (Please Read Thoroughly) Questions & Answers On Our Sessions

The Info Provided will answer most of your questions!

 Brief Information         

Rose is not like your local psychic and her gifts are unparallel, with her giving a tremendous amount of information with 98% accuracy rate.  Rose is international helping individuals worldwide by phone, in person & Skype Webcam sessions.

Accuracy: Tested by law enforcement and The White House to be 98% accurate. Actual Visions: "True" Psychic Visions,


Psychic Dr. Rose's gifts are in the category of Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and Nostradamus Predictions. Rose is credible, established with over 50 years experience and many fields of expertise. She is the top psychic clairvoyant medium that is known, loved and used by thousands internationally since 1962. Rose has appeared on many talk shows, radio and TV shows such as Angels the Messengers, Miracles, Sally Raphael show, Unsolved Mysteries to name a few in the course of her over 50 years as a credible established psychic, Rose Has Assisted Many Individuals & Celebrities Internationally:

Rose's insights have been used by many celebrities, individuals and businesses world wide. She has been advisor to the FBI, The White House under generations of US Presidents to name a few. Rose has also been advisor for TV, movies & radio shows on angels, psychic/paranormal and much more. She works with high end clientele, as well as individuals of all incomes worldwide. Predictions of  success for Sylvia Browne as well as her problems, James Van Praagh, (2 TV shows and various other success in careers) and insights used by Echo Bodine, (knowledge that everyone is gifted & much more, Cyndi Dale (professional consulting), Ophra Winfrey (angel network), Montel Williams, (professional consulting and suggestions for show with Sylvia Browne as well as giving readings on the show) and generations of United States Presidents and The White House in professional business consulting (economy, national security, natural disasters, war, business, professional, government (FBI, CIA, and legislature), Top Companies (fortune 500, 1000) Individuals from all over the world (Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Korea, Italy, America, France, England, Iraq, Indonesia, Canada).. to name a few....all documented and publicly known.


"Rose gave me a reading here one year ago today. Everything she came true, the good and the bad. The bad was the death of my father, who she predicted would have a car accident. The good was that I would have children, children that I had been waiting for, for so long. She predicted 4, 2 boys, 2 girls in one year's time, that would be a special blessing. It came true. I had 4 babies, 2 where hidden. The brood, were born premature, and it was the most wonderful site in the world. You have really touched our lives' Rose. Thank you. You are truly God's Littlest Angel & the real thing. You are truly amazing!" Mrs. Fred Kelly, Ireland,

"Dr. Rose Ann is one of the most knowledgeable experts in her field. A very accomplished artist, medium and author, Dr. Rose Ann offers her insights in various ways and through multiple mediums.
She has been involved in her life's work for decades which speaks to her commitment to her craft." Kathleen Gage”

“I Barbara Naughton feel that Rose Ann Schwab has outstanding abilities as a medium. I've had ongoing dealings with Rose and I feel that she has been extremely professional on all accounts. She never fails to amaze me when it comes to making predictions. I was delighted when Rose's predictions unfolded in my life. Rose has the voice box of an Angel on the phone and engages in the most important topics such as Career, Family, Finances, and so on. Rose have also participated in voluntary work umpteen times and I feel that she has unique outstanding abilities in connecting with guides and she is definitely a great role model in life. I am looking forward to meeting with Rose in the Summertime. After seeing how shockingly accurate her predictions were on the phone I can only imagine what she'd be like in person. I never thought predictions could work over the phone until I connected with Rose. It doesn't matter where in the World you are but she'll connect easily for you. I've recently read Rose's books and I hope they are a success for her.”  Barbara Naughton, Author, Singer & Song Writer, Ireland & UK

“A self-starter, Dr. Rose's overall enthusiasm carries over to others---including myself. She was there at a difficult time in my life, when literally, no other source of help was working for me. Rose is the real thing: a decisive individual, who brings a unique blend of common sense, education and a true connection to the spirit world within and among us. She also possesses those talents that make her a good healer and counselor. She has the style, energy, compassion, warmth and understanding to get her through the most arduous task. She saved my life. Charles Giammona, PhD”

“Dr. Rose Ann Schwab is an accurate psychic who helped me through the most difficult time in my life. I immediately felt a great connection with her and would recommend her to anyone who is searching for truth.” . Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity. Amy Matthews,

“Rose Schwab has proven to people time and again that she is insightful and gifted. Rose has helped countless people improve their lives. She has done it with integrity, honesty, sincerity and love.”  David Riklan, Founder,

Rose's insights have been used by many celebrities, individuals and businesses world wide. Predictions of  success for Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, (2 TV shows and various other success in careers) and insights used by Echo Bodine, (knowledge that everyone is gifted & much more, Cyndi Dale (professional consulting), Ophra Winfrey (angel network), Montel Williams, (professional consulting and suggestions for show with Sylvia Browne) and generations of United States Presidents and The White House in professional business consulting (economy, national security, natural disasters, war, business, professional, government (FBI, CIA, and legislature), Top Companies (fortune 500, 1000) Individuals from all over the world (Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Korea, Italy, America, France, England, Iraq, Indonesia, Canada).. to name a few....all documented and publicly known.

"Rose Ann Schwab is a rare blend of angelic wisdom and executive power. You can share with her, your dilemmas or your dreams and her psychic visions won't disappoint. She is adept at helping everyone she meets to tap into their truth, good judgment & the universal intelligence that supports their evolution." Candia Lea Cole, (Author of Born to Live Green & Bring Back The Earth,.. 21st century visionary dedicated consultant)

Validated Dated email, Sept. 13, 1999, Dear Rose Ann, I am James Van Praagh' s assistant out in California. Thank you for your loving letter to James. He has asked me to look up your web site and decide if it is appropriate to list you as a reference for James' own site. As long as it is okay with you, I think you would be a perfect reference and link for our site. It is impossible for James to respond personally to everyone of the request he receives and so it remains beneficial to refer his fans to other gifted and loving individuals such as yourself. Please let us know if you will consider being listed as a reference once our new site is up and running ... right now the old site remains at Thank you. In Light, Dayla.

 "Hi Rose, Thank you for the readings & advice. Your generous spirit, compassion and authenticity are much appreciated. I am so glad to be connected with you for who you are. Bonny

"My dear Rose, After our session, this amazing thing happened to me.  For the first time in my life I feel the HOLE UNIVERSE EMBRACING ME , THE HOLE CREATION IS EMBRACING ME WITH SOOOOO MUCH LOVE.  For the first time in my life I feel protected by this unseen loving power. Thank you," Yvoni

"Rose - You are inspirational and I feel exactly the same way inside and outwardly...we must contribute we must each consider ourselves as contributors if we do not contribute, we stimulate nothing... one is empowering to the whole. Bravo-In sync"- Kelli

Validated: "Rose, Your insight and business acumen amaze me. I am completely supportive of your business. You are leaping in a direction that I am going."  Cyndi Dale

"You will be amazed with the amount of information given and the accuracy. It is truly the most fantastic experience I have every had combined with everything offered. I am still astound by the abundant accurate information I received and the goose bumps I had during the session. I deeply felt she was correct and it felt right. In the  information she pulled out, I was able to confirm the accuracy of her information and connection. She is truly God Connected gifted true accurate psychic. Her business information was also right on. I highly recommend Rose and Angelic Inspirations to everyone" Mary McDonald, Scotland

"Hi. For whatever reason that I am unsure of at this time, I was on the internet looking up Nostradamus. On a whim mind you. I came across your website and have been reading through it. I find interesting.  I decided to put your site on favorites, & decided to write and tell you that you have a wonderful and informative site, Thank you for putting it out there. Sincerely, LISA BOE

"I took great comfort in visiting your website. I having been grasping at straws lately in my life, looking for answers in the most obscure, desperate ways.  Yes, I did partake in one of those pay on line psychics in search of the answers.  I have always known there are people gifted in this way.  However, I believe the answers I needed came when I attempted to look up the meaning of some of the clairvoyant words in her message sent to me.  I stumbled upon your website, looking for more answers, However, after perusing your site I found such inspiration in the testimonials, predictions and angel’s messages (especially these) that I just needed to let you know.  What a great reminder for me, get back to the simple things in life, help and love others, get rid of the negative baggage (forgive) and move on, and above all “free will” (to be used for good purposes only, of course). I seem to have forgotten all this lately." Signed, Cathy

 "Magnificent site and service. Rose your gifts are awesome, and right on. You are truly gifted, with high integrity and ethics, as well as credible. I will tell all my friends. You are really good! The best with high accuracy that I have ever come across. I felt so differently in connecting with you, a special spirituality, peace and calm that I have not found anywhere else. I felt like I was in the presence of Angels and God and hated to leave. Thank you for touching my life with your light and being such a positive influence to me and others around you." Jean B, NM

"Everything you said has come true so far, thank you for helping me find the right path for my life now at this time. Your session and guidance has changed my life completely." Mary Jo, Orlando Fl.

"Rose, Thank you for channeling my daughter, since her suicide, I have not found peace. You have opened the doors to me for a better understanding and in helping me develop my gifts to communicate with her myself. I have never known such love, peace and calm, thank you." Katti L, NY

"Rose, thank you so much for seeing me. After meeting with you a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have been able to surrender myself to the medication that I must take for my beast cancer and the side affects have been less harsh on my body. I think now the medication is working in harmony with my body. You have helped me to let go of many fears and opened my eyes to my gifts. I have to share my experience with other women. I want them to have the hope. I feel peace harmony and a new strength. I can't thank you enough times." JL MN

"Rose you were right my best friend came back into my life. You were very accurate, still looking for the job." Fred Of PN

My Dear Friends in Light, I've meant to write a note saying how much I admire the work that you both do. In these troubling times we face, changing daily, it is comforting to know that you both have such love in your hearts, and are blessed with God's gift to see His plans for us all.  I have read many of the accounts listed on your website detailing many events transpiring amongst us all.  If ever I feel troubled or concerned, I go to your website and find peace in reading the information you make available there. I won't take any more of your time, as I can imagine how busy you both must be; I just wanted to say "Thank You!" and God bless and keep you both in Love and Peace Always! Very truly yours, Philip V, of Passaic Park, New Jersey

"This is the most fantastic website, and accurate sessions I have ever had. Rose is so wonderful, and you feel peace and calm in your session. I have had one session by phone and another in person, she does a great job either way. This is truly a gifted individual, well established and the real thing. It was an experience I will never forget, I highly recommend Rose as a personally return client. I have found someone who really can connect with the issues that are important to me. Her pricing is in line with the tremendous amount of information she gives based on what you are seeking. Wow! I am still tingling from the experience." Mary Jean, Maple Grove, MN

"You're absolutely a wonderful woman Rose. I'm lucky to have met you. You're too generous and kind which is rare these days. It was in the cards for us to cross paths somehow." -Rob, MN

"Meeting you is priceless. It's all about helping people and not expecting anything in return. Anything getting back in return is a bonus." Rob, MN

 "I am thrilled that we will be able to work together during this fun and unique event! Christopher,  Bloomington, MN

"I really appreciate your insights into my business. Gratefully," Jim Cal

"Rose everything you said has come true for me professionally and in my personal life. Your accuracy has been right on. I don't make a move without your guidance. I highly recommend you." Brenda Beck, MN

MORE: Client Recommendations & Testimonials Link


 BREAD DOWN OF OUR SERVICES                 


Psychic/Metaphysical/Paranormal Consulting

  • Individual Clairvoyant Psychic Readings
  • Channeling Angels & Instruction
  • ESP
  • Individual Souls Purpose
  • Angel Readings
  • Individual Metaphysical Psychic Counseling
  • Akashic Records
  • Seeing & Talking To The Dead
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Channeling 
  • Past Lives, Reincarnations
  • Predictions, Future Events, Future Outcomes, 2012 & Beyond
  • Blockages
  • Curses & Dark Clouds
  •  Dream Visions Instruction & Development
  •  Dream Analysis 
  • Using Your Dreams To Advance & Understanding Them.



  • Relationships, Love, Romance
  • Dating Consulting   
  • Personal Appearance & Image Consulting (Self Esteem, Confidence, Image )
  •  Life Coach
  • Soul Mates, Twin Souls
  • Legal Outcomes
  • Financial, Financial Security
  • Personal Security/Safety
  • Future Forecasts
  • Predictions
  • Life Path Readings
  • Life's Direction & Future Consulting
  • Codependency Counseling
  • Grief Bereavement


Professional  & Business Consulting

  • Career Paths 
  • Professional Coaching
  • Professional Conduct
  • Professional Appearance & Image Consulting

Life Coach

  • Anger Management

Life Path Counseling


  • Feng Shui Consulting Home & Business  Feng Shui
  • Landscape Consulting

Business & Corporate Trouble

  • Shooting/Finding Solutions/Solving Problems 
  • Business Direction
  • Business Investment


Spiritual Higher Source

  • Angel Readings 

·         Channeling Angels,

 Angel Messages

  • Spiritual Pathways & Direction 
  • Prayers



Life Readings/Human Design; What makes you, you. Your DNA connection from childhood to adult, life choices, paths to take, keys to success and more. (which are 3-4 weeks work and are documents and charts. Not phone readings but documents & charts based on your birth date, time of birth & visions Rose has.) Life Readings Human Design Readings Link



  • Manifesting The 3 P's: Power, Prestige, &  Prosperity 




  • Paranormal, House Readings-Ghosts, Spirits


  • Loved Ones, Friends, Family
  • Suicides
  • Traumatic Deaths




  • Mentoring,
  • Unsolved Mysteries 
  • Profiling
  • Courses
  • Retreats, Tours, Cruises
  • Special Appearances
  • Fund Raise Appearances
  • Speaking Engagements




  • Hypnotherapy
  • Personal
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Light Body & Energy Rejuvenation/Restoring
  • Aura Readings
  • Chakra Energy Healings,
  • Chakra Energy Clearings,
  • Health Readings
  • Health Blockages
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Aura Cleansings
  • Past Life Blockages
  • Childhood Blockages
  • Relationship Blockages
  • Abuse Blockages




&  Angelic Realm

  • Ridding of darkness and negativity through the light
  • Spirit Guides/Angels,
  • Meditations
  • Toning/Chanting



More Info: Angelic Inspirations©®™ Mission Statement Link



Angelic Inspirations ©: Through Angelic Inspiration.....True actual psychic visions.

Angelic Enlightenment ©: Through Angelic Enlightenment with near death experiences that heightened and strengthened psychic abilities starting at the age of 6 of drowning, and various accidents throughout life, giving Rose's life a great purpose.

Angelic Inspirations ©®™: Through the connection to the power of Angels to Angel Inspiration's work of light from Angels themselves or light spirits, spirit guides and loved one that have passed on to name a few that have given Rose her high integrity, honesty and ethics. To use abilities to make a difference as well as to bring about positive energy and changes in the world. With the use of God given gifts and high accuracy have built Rose's high credible established reputation of over 55 years in the light.



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This is a sample radio interview with readings done on the show many years ago. Free Reading Offer Has Expired. Fees are required for readings or consultings.







Books written by World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD.   

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Guided Breathing Meditations & Visualizations Phase 1 CD

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Angelic Inspirations' Official & Only, Original Website Registered Trademark1962;#4,022,290 Class 34, 44, 45 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Angelic Inspirations, Angelic Inspiration (International) ™®©SM1962 Founders: Rose Ann Schwab & Bernadette K. Schwab. Angelic Inspirations ©®™ first Commercial use 1962 Angelic Inspirations International Inc. LLC Minneapolis, MN 55429. Legal Disclaimer: There is no other individual or business using the name of Angelic Inspirations connected to us, owners of, employed by us or a part of our business. There is no other Angelic Inspirations©™, whether psychic readings, healings, holistic, reiki, books, photo, gift shops, hypnotherapy, therapy, angel readings, tarot cards, palm readings or consulting of any kind, art and such. We are the legal holders of the name Angelic Inspirations©™ and its various forms including Angelic Inspiration, Angelic-Inspirations  and so on. We are the legal owners & holder of trademark for the use and business name of Angelic Inspirations since 1962 officially registered with the United States Trademark Office. Name and word usage; Angelic Inspiration©, Angelic Enlightenment©, Angelic Inspirations© are copyrighted and used to describe our spiritual inspiration. All information on this website including words, key words, descriptions, articles, information and such are copyrighted and protected under the United States copyrights and infringement laws. Any use of is considered infringement fraud, a direct violation and considered punishable in a Court of Law. 

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