ET's (Extraterrestrial Life)


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ET's (Extraterrestrial Life)


he Extraterrestrial and UFO phenomenon may not be a product of the Twentieth Century, after all.  Some noted and respected researchers believe they may have discovered many possible references of historical Extraterrestrial interaction with humankind dating back to prehistory.  Images and descriptions of beings and their flying machines have been uncovered in archeological artifacts, religious writings, myths, and legends from all over the world.

As an example, located in what is now the desert region of Iran, there exists a series of caves.  On the walls inside of some, Archaeologists have discovered prehistoric paintings that depict “circles of fire” in the sky.

Centuries later, and not far from those same caves, the city of Sumer arose. Considered by many archaeologists to be the first human civilization, Sumer, has yielded a treasure trove of artifacts known as petroglyphs. Deciphered, these huge stone carvings described “gods” who came from another planet in flying machines. The purpose for their visits was to exploit Earth’s natural resources and interbreed with human females.

Over in the land of Egypt, hieroglyphs referred to gods who came from the sky in “flying boats” and flying disks that “shined of many colors.”

Critics have charged that the true meaning of the various symbols found at Sumer and in Egypt cannot be determined with any measure of certainty. Further, they contend that to read Extraterrestrials into these carvings is absurd.  It should be pointed out, however, that at least one scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, believes he has established an alien connection with our past. His conclusion was reached after over twenty-five years of studying and deciphering many of the Sumerian petroglyphs.

 In addition to archeological references, suggestions of Extraterrestrials and UFOs have been found in various religious writings around the world.  In The Old Testament, for instance, Jacob witnessed a flying object, which he referred to as a “sky ladder.”  Ezekiel saw four flying objects resembling “a wheel within a wheel.”  He compared their color to that of “beryl,” a precious mineral with a glassy appearance.  Elijah was spirited into the heavens by a “chariot of fire,” that created a whirlwind in its wake. The scriptures also describe giant airmen who came to Earth in order to carry out God’s messages and commands.

The Reg-Veda, considered to be the holiest of Hindu texts, speaks of a god who rode in a fast flying “car.”  His “car” had a gleaming, flashing quality, and produced a roaring sound that shook the Earth as it flew through the sky.

Ancient myths and legends also speak of visitors who came from the stars.  Persian myths tell of “giants and demons” that corrupted the earth, and “allied themselves with women.”

Pre-Incan Tribes record visits by giant men who sported beards and came from the constellation Taurus.

Aztec and Toltec legends referred to a god by the name of Quetzacoatl, also known as the “sky god.” He was said to be fair complexioned and bearded, unlike the dark-skinned tribesmen.

The legends of the Sioux and Crow tribes of North America tell of their blood relationship to a group of Extraterrestrials, referred to as the “Star Nations,” who visited Earth from the Pleiades star cluster, long ago.

The argument could be made that religious, mythical, and legendary accounts of history are purely subjective and anecdotal.  However, science and truth would not be served by dismissing out of hand, all of the descriptive similarities of these beings and their flying machines, descriptions that reach across cultures, geography, and time.

The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.

You can find  further information on UFO's or ET's through search engines on the internet or your local bookstore or library. Also view Ancient  Aliens on the History Channel. Very Good presentation and helpful information.


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