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We Service The Spirit, Mind & Body, assisting in humanitarian causes.....A non profit foundation

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In Loving Memory Of: Dr. John Douglas (Doug). Brewer  Nov. 22, 1945 - Feb.28 2004:

Angelic Inspirations Foundation Dedicated In Dr. John Douglas Brewer's Memory.


Let us begin by thanking you for becoming one of our "Seekers of Truth." We applaud your decision to make the journey with us to enhance your understanding of life and to renew your acquaintance with your own true self. Together we will walk down a path that was long forgotten, but now stepping upon it again you will rediscover beautiful vistas that were buried deep within your memory. As you progress through our life's experiences  your soul will resonate to the simplicity, truth, and logic of the Divine plan for our world and your life.

Being a member of life in your personal life, professional life or business has profound effects in your abundance, manifestations and your achievements. Let us help you to advance, and in turn you join us in helping others.

We ask you to donate funds or become a sponsor.

 Angelic Inspirations Foundation mission is to establish a school for the gifted from donations and investors. Angelic Inspirations Foundation also makes donations in humanitarian causes across the United States and World Wide

If you are interested in making a donation or being an investor for a school for the gifted, please contact Angelic Inspirations©®™ Foundation through Angelic Inspirations©®™ International 763-535-7982. All donations and investments are done through our legal channels and hired law firm.     


 All money and funds received are placed directly into a legal and binding escrow account established by Angelic Inspirations International Incorporated for humanitarian needs. This account will be over seen by Angelic Inspirations©®™ hired legal firm. Being set up through Chris Norris, attorney who has known us for over 15 years, as donations come in. Your donations will be tax deductible. (charity) A very small portion of these funds on a yearly bases as long as the funds last, are designated to assist in a special funding used in helping to established scaled & sliding fees for individuals of lower economic circumstance and each month our of our proceeds we take a % out to donate to food shelters, the homeless on the streets, homeless shelters, and animal shelters. With out this special fund Angelic Inspirations, Rose or Bernadette could not offer lower fees to needy individuals due to the high cost of business costs incurred including upfront costs that must be paid immediately. While everyone wants their readings or consultings for free or next to nothing as a business, our incurred billing companies that service our business and for support of our business prices keep going higher and higher as is the way with the economy. We are a business not like other psychics who have no business fees incurred, trademarks, or other responsibilities, we cannot offer what they do in the under cutting fees of below $100 as they do $20.-$30 fees which shows they have no business responsibilities or costs. We as a business try to help others as best we can. We do not give our money, but offer lower fees for those in need & give to various charities from individuals who pay the regular fees that help build the pot to do our light work.

  Contact Angelic Inspirations in Writing with your Proposal, donation, investment, or sponsor ideas. If you wish to leave an endowment or donation through a will to be used with specific instructions for humanitarian needs please contact us, and we will be glad to direct you to our legal team to assist you in your wishes and specific needs. If you are interested in making a financial donation, please call our office directly locally in Minnesota at 763-535-7982.


Who is handling the Funds: Angelic Inspirations©®™ Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors & Board of Trusties to make sure all funds are legally and appropriately handled going to the right charity, funding or crisis situation. None of these funds are appropriated or used by Rose or Bernadette Schwab, in fact they also donate a share of the earnings in percentage per year.



WRITTEN REQUIREMENT: Please send in writing your financial donations, service donations, endowments, will donations or other donations and  proposals, etc. directly to:

OFFICE: Angelic Inspirations©®™ International,  5216 Brookdale Drive N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

If you wish to make a donation by credit card, bank ATM card, Prepaid Bank Visa Card or check please contact us locally in Minnesota 763-535-7982 for further information of requirements.

Rose and Bernadette; Other Charities We give to:

A percentage of our fees go to charities such as spinal research,
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation , breast cancer..... make a wish foundation, Children's cancer, Parkinson's, Heart Association, Cancer Associations, Police Chief's Association, United States Deputy Sheriff's Association,

Percentage of our proceeds are donated to help food shelters & homeless shelters across the nation and to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as well as various other charities



Angelic Inspirations ©®™ 1962, International Inc. (LLC) 5216 Brookdale Drive N, Minneapolis, MN 55443