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Mission Statement

Angelic Inspirations mission is to assist other individuals worldwide, to bring them a better understanding of the word "psychic" and the use of psychic abilities that are God given and we are all born with and blessed with. To help those who connect with us to go higher and reach the loving embrace and light of our Father regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or creed. It is our mission to touch others with our light and help to raise them up higher to this connection through their development and use of there gifts through this better understanding one step at a time.

It is our mission to help understand that we never use our psychic abilities to do harm or hurt others, to use our gifts to the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and ethics and to raise all who come to us in seeking of knowledge, truth and understanding a connection that raises them higher to our God and creator.

We all have a connection to our Creator through prayer, meditation and walking the path of integrity and compassion, for those whom our live touches. In helping others, raising them to this higher level that connects with God our creator, we all share in the protection, abundance, love and blessings that are bestowed down upon us forming a glowing radiating circle of light where there is no beginning or ending of eternal life.

In achieving this connection of receiving all knowledge and insights with understanding and wisdom, always keeping the connection in the light, so that we may connect with other beings of higher spirituality throughout time, dimensions, and space.

Our mission is to continue to advance to ascended masters and assist others to reach higher to attain their connection to the greatest source of all love and knowledge handed down from the beginning of time.














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