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Segments taken from Rose Schwab's workshops, lectures and books.

Many people do not realize that through contact with the Angels, the Father, All that Is, that spiritual, physical and emotional help can be given. When this force is combined with the elements of the universe, greater assistance is given. This assistance is in the form of the light power from our Creator, All That Is and the Universe.

This section will cover many different forms of prayers or meditations that can be used to call for aide. In order for these to work, there must be an open heart and mind and a full belief and trust. I light candles and have made a sacred space that I use directly for meditation and prayer where I am not interrupted and can give full attention. This also works outside surrounded by life and creations in our universe. Choose a spot where their is peace, quite and serenity, with no distractions or interruptions.

Each individual can easily make up a meditation or prayer that works for them and their needs. All that is needed is belief and trust whether it is with God's/Goddesses/Universe/Father/Creator or what ever your belief system. I firmly belief in the Power of my Father and His Angels, but I respect others who have different beliefs either religious or other wise.

To Increase Spiritual Growth & Potential
On this day I ask all creation and the universe to join with me, filling me and increasing my spiritual potential and growth. I ask this of the heavens, earth and of the light, that I may be filled with deep love and compassion to develop within my soul the abilities that were given. I ask for understanding and wisdom in development of my soul. Thy Will not mine be done. Amen

Atmosphere Enhancers
It is important to remember that being in a quiet place away from distraction of the day will give the best results. Using various tools and scents while meditating or praying enhances the experience.

Can be any size or shape or color. Pick out your favorite colors and burn them with a white candle. These candles can be scented or unscented. If bought unscented using the burning of incense, oils and potpourri can give added benefits.

Incense/Oils/Potpourri/Aroma Therapy
These come in many different forms and scents below are just a few of the many different types that can be used. Many attract the angels

Jasmine - calming effect, aides in depression, mood uplifting.

Lavender - is calming, helps to balance mood swings, uplifting, relaxes tight muscles and helps with headaches.

Roses aides in depression, calming, mood uplifting, increases physical strength, attracts angels.

Frankincense - helps with anxiety and stress, aides meditation. promotes restful sleep.

Myrrh - helps with anxiety and stress, helpful in meditation, mood uplifting.

Rosemary -stimulant, relaxes tight muscles, mood uplifting, relieves fatigue, energizing, improves mental clarity and memory.

Pine - revivifies

Chamomile - calming, reduces stress and tension.

Mints- stimulant

Juniper - strengthens brain and fortifies memory, energizes.

The purpose of using these scents is to prepare the mind and body for the meditation or prayer. It helps also to relax the body and open all the channels of awareness and development.

One misconception I would like to clear up is that in the past many of the workers of light and books that have been written talk about lessons we all must learn or past life karma. We all have lesson we must learn, but if we work in the light we can learn from them and experience them to the fullest potential of our spiritual development.

Many of you will recall hearing this " The karma you are feeling now or lessons you are being put through is brought on by you entirely either in this life time or past." This is not always true. I must clarify this. When someone in a life time does wrong or harm to themselves or others, they will have a lesson to learn and that will be part of their karma and how they deal with it, grow and learn from it, changing its course so it does not occur again. But the misconception comes here at this point that all things happen to a soul in the life time is due to something they did now or in the past.

If the soul has been a light worker and focus entirely on the light all their lives of reincarnation fighting corruption, greed, and all darkness, but they experience the negative karma that causes problems in their life or problems with them getting a head in life. The past conception was it was all this soul’s fault.

This is not the case. In each life time when a light worker is strong in the light, works and focuses on the light, sometimes bad things or karma can happen to them.

This bad karma is not their doing, but of those individuals who have crossed from the light to the use of greed, corruption and darkness. It is their feeding of hate, greed corruption at the time your life comes in contact with theirs that brings this about in your life. They try to turn you from your focus of the light and light work as they have been turned to the darkness, negativity and gray lines as an accepted way of life. Because of the strength of the darkness in working on individuals and being able to turn them to their cause of way of life, using greed, corruption they are able to turn many light workers, because of this constant badger on the individual light worker and the on slot to keep them from succeeding and spreading the light of goodness from the creator, God and the angels another light worker is turned to the dark side.

When the light worker focuses entirely on the light they become weak and exhausted from trying to over come the constant struggle, though they may not turn to the darkness, they become ineffective in their work causing the bad karmas to continue in their life.

When united with other true light workers and focus in on world, global prayer and the light, their affect becomes so strong they are able to turn the tide of the way the world is going in global proportions, uniting all in love and peace working in transition of the world and the universe to greater era of peace and tranquility. The sad thing about this is many people who are feeding this effect on the light workers don’t realize what they are doing, some do know and continue to force the control in their favor.

An example of this is the following. What if your life having been full of light and love all your life touches others who were of the light, but because of impatience, temptation and loss of focus they are tempted into the negativity, greed and corruption of the darkness.

They in association will try to pressure you, or tempt you to accept this behavior and not leave you alone. When you refuse and move on, they in their hate, and love of corruption, greed and negativity keep feeding this bad karma to continue in your life simply because your focus is strong and of the light. They can’t stand this, so the hate thoughts and focus is on you to destroy you. Even though they will say no they haven’t given you another thought, this is not true. If you of the light have refocused your thoughts on going forward and disassociation with these others that have been turned, they can and will cause the continued bad karma of them some how involved in your life, because they can’t let go.

They feed this hate, greed and bad karma, toward you because they have lost their way. They see you as a threat to them and their way and instead of going on they must cause problems in your life, because they do not want to let go or do not want to learn their lessons.

It isn't’ fair for many light workers whose main focus is on the light and goodness of helping and service to others be put in this position. When you talk to many healers or those who deal with helping each person to understand why this is happening to them when they are not involved or have disassociated themselves from these people will tell you they don’t understand why it still continues. All your healers and such will tell you it is lessons we all must learn in this life time or from past life. But what if the control is fed by those of greed and corruption.

The answer of how to overcome this is simple, work and unite with as many of those who are strong in the light and have strong focusing powers of the light. By uniting in the light and living in the light, the powers of the light intensify and over power the greed and corruption in our world.

Focus of the light and its power must be directly connected with service and good. Global unity of the light in prayers, meditations and service with the focus entirely on the power and goodness of the light can and will bring transformation to your world. This will also form in unity of other worlds beyond our own. There will always be shadows of darkness but in a united causes of power and light from our creator with the help of other beings and the universe we can keep them from over powering our worlds with violence, greed and corruption.

Always keep your work honest and open. Never any hidden agendas or people. This is not of the light. Those who are strong in the powers of the light unite and work to help others, teach them, and guide them as they develop and grow. Only through these actions can we over come the past karmas or situations that are forced on those of us of the light and power.

United universal prayer in forcing healings toward those who were light workers at one time, but greed and corruption took over, must be done as a united group.

We all have the power of good and the light. United in the light using the power in world transformation for good and with the help of our creator, God, Angels and universe a world healing can be forced cleansing our planet from this pestilence infesting our world. Help to cleanse our world with the waters of the Divine and pray, meditate or what ever as much as you can, Force a healing with the power of the light on those who do not understand that they feed these bad experiences or karmas and keep them alive with their hate. Bring a forced ending to these bad experiences or karmas with continuous prayer and meditation so they may end now and not be carried into the global transformation of our world and other worlds around us.

God’s love, light and peace to all. Please come join us in using the power of the light for good in service and with the help of our Creator, God, Angels and the universe regardless of the differences between us. We are all the same, respect but unite. This is the way the Power Of Light works, this is the secret that will cleanse our planet.

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