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ANGEL TAROT CARDS by Rose Ann Schwab, PhD

Tarot cards are teachers of mystery and of life. They employ universal and ancient symbol that are used to acquaint us to the cosmic truths and reveal to us hidden aspects of ourselves, The tarot card, also a link to the relationship with the Divine. If used with deep respect as a powerful tool, can help advance each soul to the higher level in the universe. When the tarot card is used it must be utilized to the maximum potential.
History regarding the beginning of the tarot card is sketchy. These cards according to history were first recorded in Florence 1376. The first known tarot card was in Northern Italy when a fifth suit was added around 1442. In 1450 Bonifacio Bembo hand painted a tarot deck with gold leaf background and is known as the oldest deck in existence.The use of the tarot cards as meditation to reach a magical path didn’t begin until around 1548-1600 and started with an ex Dominican friar. As the tarot card was developed down through the years from this time and including the Renaissance era the card deck grew.
The tarot cards are a tool to be used in guidance and knowledge. When it is used in this manner it is not a game and can deeply enrich the inner guidance and attunement to the higher levels of spirituality as well as the psychic abilities.
I have found the tarot cards called the "Angels Tarot" by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Robert Michael Place, as the best example of angelic inspired guidance and design or you can make your own. All that is needed is colored 3x5 index cards, three different colors.
You can add your own sketches to the back side or use stickers to decorate them. On the other side you write or type different categories. The first is the names of Angels or Archangels you wish to list on the main cards. The second category is the different types of angels such as your Companion Angel, Guardian Angel, Inspiring Angel, Healing Angel, to name a few. Each individual has different ideas or points of view on which angels they want to use. The next category usually involves some type of activity or non activity, even ones you don’t enjoy as much such as listing it as "Do something you don’t like to do", and leave it as a category with many options. Other categories in this area can be "Expecting Guidance", "Call Someone you haven’t talk to for a long time", "Spend time alone" to name of few of these.
An excellent example of making your own angel cards can be found in the book "Ask Your Angels" by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer, where they are broken down into categories with explanations of each as well as meanings or guidance to help the beginner as well as the experienced. This book also is an excellent guide on angels and informative information to assist those who are in search of knowledge.

The tarot cards have two parts to them. The Major Arcana which is the greater secrets and consist of 22 cards and can be used alone or with the Minor Arcana which is known as the lesser secrets and consist of 56 cards. The Minor Arcana are divided into four suits of ten regular cards and four court cards similar to a regular playing deck.

When using the tarot cards I feel it is important to ground yourself and ask for protection as you use these cards. The protection meditation of using white light that is used in the   Angel Wicca area is excellent for this.

Examples of Angels Tarot
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley & Robert Michael Place




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