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Ascended Masters

This is the traditional theory about Ascended Masters.

The term 'Ascended Masters' supposedly refers to those souls who, after many incarnations and life experiences, have mastered the lessons of the physical realm. They then choose whether to serve on planet Earth or channel from other realms and dimensions. Ascended Masters speak/channel to us - through synchronicities, dreams, meditations, art, music, other aspect of the creative mind - intuitive side of the brain - the right brain - also known as the feminine side. Ascension means a return to the higher frequencies which we think of as a return to the feminine aspects of our souls. All things are created and linked back to one source through creational patterns. These patterns are also known as a Hall of Records, Akashic Record, Collective Unconsciousness, all of which define our perceptions of reality. These perceptions of reality are stored within pockets of information in our mind and soul. Wherever you place your conscious awareness - that is your reality. Time is not linear. Time is Universal Time. It is an illusion linked to the wheel of karma. On the matter of ascended masters - as with all things that exist in our reality they each have a frequency signature. Their frequencies are linked to a higher spectrum of sound, light, and color - than ours as we are in a physical body. Connecting with an ascended master is a place we go to access the higher knowledge that we don't understand is inherently ours. They are a source we tap into when we want to trigger that higher knowledge within us. We search by sound, light and color then connect to that 'master' by frequency. Humanity has always given spiritual power to God-like teachers or leaders, when WE are in truth the masters and teachers. Just as the ancients had their Gods existed in the form of ancient masters or sometimes extraterrestrials. All channeled information is received by tapping into the pockets of information that form our reality. Sometimes we channel other aspects of our souls experiencing in another pocket program which exists parallel to this one. There are 7 main Ascended Masters - linked to the 7 chakras - or 7 rays - of the rainbow (as in Rainbow Bridge) for ascension - more patterns.

Personal Ascension: is an event in which an individual shifts from a dense physical body to an light body of higher frequency. We are presently moving into higher frequency in which the cells of our body are vibrating as a faster level. Much of this work is being guided by entities from other realms, such as Masters of Light, and beings from other worlds - most of who are higher aspects of ourselves. As the planet ascends the pockets that form the third dimensional program we live now - are collapsing - giving way to new pockets with a higher vibratory rate of sound, light, and color. Emotions linked to lower pocket of  frequencies such as fear, anger, jealous, will no longer be part of our conscious reality. Everything has a vibration. The higher vibrations are transforming the lower vibrations. This affects most things in your life. We  activate the pineal (third eye) and pituitary glands to become more aware. Listen to your heart chakra / soul. Move through your heart and Yin (feminine, intuitive) energies. Balance your energies. When you deal with the issues you have faced in this lifetime - past lives - parallel lives - and let the emotions that trap us, you then will reach the seat of your soul. It is there that you connect with the divine source and can ascend.  











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