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Bernadette Soubirous is the saint of Lourdes, France. Visionary and messenger of the Immaculate Conception,

Named After: St. Bernadette Soubirous (1844-1879)

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 Bernadette K. Schwab

   Is blood sister to Rose Ann Schwab, and comes from an old and long line of  6 generations of women psychics and with a near death experience of drowning with Rose. She has many outstanding gifts.

Bernadette is highly educated, M.A. working toward her Ph.D. & Doctrine in her many major fields as well as having  years of expertise and  work experience in these many fields. She is licensed, registered and certified professional consultant. Bernadette does Feng Shui, Home Decor & Professional Consulting. She is currently not taken on new clientele.

Distant Cousin to President Herbert Hoover.

Bernadette  has been very successful for 40 years in a variety of business, and consulting roles and positions she has held.

Author: Bernadette Schwab  is co-author of "The Universal Book of Light" Series with her sister Rose.

 The Gazette Newspaper for several years,  Co-Author of The Book of Universal Light.

In Loving Memory of our Parents,

Lorraine J. Schwab
, Aug, 8, 1925-Dec. 28, 1988 who died of cancer
and Feldie J. Schwab Sr.
July 14, 1919- Jan 19, 1990 who died from a heart stroke,
we have set aside a  link to these sites for
Cancer and Heart Disease and Ask You To Give So Others May Live.


 Rose and Bernadette thank you for your visit and ask you to donate generously to the Cancer Society, Heart Disease Association and Animal Shelters.


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