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by Archangel Raphael and Gabriel, Channeled through Rose Ann Schwab

Dear Ones, Many of you do not understand the meaning and purpose behind Ascension. Ascension is the joining of your light soul with the Divine Essence. As you learn and develop from your daily experiences, you Ascend to the Father, All That Is, The Universe. Each experience or lesson that was a learning and growing experience and was incorporated into your life has been an Ascension to a higher level of awareness and development of the gifts from the Divine Essence/Creator.

These gifts are given to each soul of the light to help in their development to the higher levels. It is up to each soul of the light to study, learn and develop these gifts to their fullest potential to reach the spiritual oneness with the Divine Essence/Creator.

Fear is a stumbling block that causes blockage and loss of these gifts. Each soul of the light knows and understands these gifts before it takes on the human form. When in transit from the light soul to the human form, the soul's memory and expertise of these gifts becomes dormant and placed far from the conscious mind.

By use of Meditation and Prayer helps to develop the focal point of these gifts. Complete concentration and focus fine tunes each gift and ability the light soul was given.

Negative emotions, greed, oppression, violence, anger, fear, are the damaging blocks that keep each light soul from being developed to it fullest potential and further away from the light of the Divine Essence/Creator.

Dear Ones, these gifts are given to you for a reason. The reason is that The Divine Essence/Creator loves you deeply and unconditionally. Your light soul was made in His likeness. Your development and Ascension are all important in the transformation of your world into the next era.

Peace, love, trust and respect are all important in the uniting of all worlds, counties, races, religions. Respect these difference and take the time to learn as well as understand. Do not let them separate you from knowing or loving your neighbor. For in allowing this, you are separating yourself from the Divine Essence/Creator and all His light.

Develop your gifts and be of service to others. Use them wisely in the light, and the power of the light will be yours. Use them for good if your beliefs are different. Keep a balance in your life and you will always be protected by the Father, All That Is, God, or the Universe.

God's/Creator's light, peace and love to all.
Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel












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