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     Let Rose be your muse, inspiring, helping to open up blocked passages and areas in you and your life, Helping you to develop your own gifts, or just sit back and enjoy a light reading or business consulting from Rose. Rose has inspired and helped millions.
     You will find Rose is down to earth, with a good sense of humor, and accurate in her complete assessment of your situation. Her high integrity established credible reputation has placed  others  unparallel to her gifts, expertise and years in the field.


Sessions are by phone and by scheduled appointed times.  Please have your credit card, bank debit card, bank checking card, bank savings card or bank gift card ready.

Rose does have an office for face to face and in person sessions. These are special appointed times set aside and payment must be made in advance to lock in the scheduled time. Please have your credit card, bank debit card, bank checking card, bank savings card or bank gift card ready.

 In rare cases, Rose will come to you if the time is available. *In these rare cases that include travel, the regular fees plus expenses for travel including out of the country, nationally, lodging, and transportation to and from individual's place for reading/consulting are required. These are special appointed times set aside and payment must be made in advance to lock in the scheduled time. Please have your credit card, bank debit card, bank checking card, bank savings card or bank gift card ready.



  • Have your questions written down

  • 20-30 min sessions usually 6-8 questions.

  • Prioritize your questions, with the most important ones first.

  • Be specific

  • We do expect feedback because Rose sees 2-6 vision per question (past lives, current life & future life)

  • Do not have any coffee or caffeine 2 hr prior (before) to your session. Rose scans your body.

  • Do have something to drink during your session.

  • Cell phone may sometimes cut out

  • Phone lines may have static due to weather problems

  • Make sure you speak clear and concise.

  • Be in a quite place where you will not be disturbed.

  • Be comfortable and in a relaxed position

  • Be open to all.


HAVING YOUR SESSION ( Psychic or Professional Consulting) With World Renowned Psychic Clairvoyant Medium  Rose Schwab

     * You must be ready with your questions. Remember there are questions that you may not have written down that come up during the session that are also asked, taking up time.  
     * Have them written out, don't try to remember them because you always forget something during the time of the session.
     * Prioritize your questions with the most important first, some times you may have specific question you want to focus on first and that you want your reading on.  
     * Be specific. General questions get you general answers.
     * Be ready for your session.  In order to receive the best reading we can give you must be open and ready for it.  Each session is approximately 30-45 minutes.

Example of a  general question: What is my future going to be? Future in what?

Example of a specific question: What is my future going to be in finances? Will I establish financial security? How long or in what time frame do you see this happening?

Example of a general question: What type of job should I be working to make money?

Example of a specific question: I am currently at a dead end job, I have a college education in >>>>>> field, or qualifications in >>>>> field. What field do you see would be the most beneficial for my financial success and career success.

Example of a general questions: I really don't know what I want to do in jobs or life, tell me what you see that I should do?

Example of a specific question: ( In the above situation it is impossible for anyone to determine and tell you what you should do. When you are confused and unsure of what you want or have no idea, others can not assist, guide or direct you to the right career or career path, or path in life. When you are confused, or don't know what you should do by the above question your mind and energy is in disarray and it becomes almost impossible to help guide or direct you. If you are truly confused, Rose will tell you how to decipher your own abilities or job qualifications, and how to narrow it down to what is your calling or interesting for you.

Visions are triggered by limited information given but also by the sound of your voice. When psychic readings are given, Rose reaches inside of you and pulls out the information she picks up. She sees 2 visions to 6 visions per question so it is important to be specific, so that the visions and information can be focused on eliminating the ones that are not specific to the needs of the client at that time. Rose sees past lives, present and future as well as past, present and future events.




   Rose's gifts are finely tuned and extensive, greater then other well known psychics, mediums etc.  Rose can answer questions on all fields listed in her expertise area on the expertise page. At Rose's sessions she receives from 2 to 6 visions per question and this is why it is important to be specific.   

   Rose has many finely tuned gifts and abilities. She was given added gifts that she uses including  the ability to see when individuals are lying or telling the truth.

      Rose receives so much information that includes individual loved ones, pets etc, that has past on, she will ask you if there is time do you want this information, so it is very important that you know what you are looking for in information and are specific in what it is. General questions are too broad and too hard to pin down so be specific in exactly what you are looking for. This also uses up the valuable time of the session.  

     In the trance medium state she has no awareness of the information that transpires, this is why we tape our sessions. She allows the information to come freely and openly. The voice is hers, but many times the words and sentence structure will be presented in a different manner. She does not get up and move around but may change her position from time to time. She can be a channeled and her voice be used or she may channel through writings.  



 In psychic readings or professional consultings Psychic Medium Rose Schwab, has outstanding gifts that are unparallel. With high rating from the better business bureau. Rose is a top clairvoyant psychics with "true God given gifts with near death experiences." She has 2 to 6 visions per question, that includes past reincarnated lives, past life, current life, and future lives, this is also in events past present and future.  She sees and talks to the dead, angels, spirit guides,  does work in relationships, spiritual advisory to name a few of her extended abilities. She incorporates her psychic abilities into giving psychic readings or into professional business consulting with her high educational background that includes career, business, image and financial consulting/readings helping you to find answers. Rose has seen, talked to angels and channeled them since the age of 4. Rose has visions in symbols, pieces of puzzles, pictures, motion pictures, insights, dream visions, wake visions.


IN YOUR SESSIONS WITH PSYCHIC MEDIUM & BUSINESS CONSULTANT ROSE SCHWAB; You are the most important customer in her one on one services. When we look at our lives looking back and realize that we could have lived differently, or made better choices that could have manifested our dreams, goals, success or abundance in our lives it is important to realize it is never to late. Through your sessions with Rose you will understand  that true sincerity, determination,  courage and your belief in the information you are receiving is your true answer to that manifestation. Whether your manifestation is to change your life in some manner, romance, business, career, financial, or a stronger connection to the higher sources, Rose can help you obtain these connections through her ancient knowledge combined with today's education. In Manifestation Rose will also share the secrets of how important it is for your earthly salvation and in the reaching of the divine love whether it is in your own personal life or professional life in the connection to abundance manifestation. Rose's established credible reputation and outstanding work with documented high awards and recognitions is proof of the legitimacy of her gifts and abilities and her true desire to share her light with others. Let Rose bring a little bit of heaven into your life in her ancient knowledge and near death experiences with her divine connection that will change your life forever. Learn her true secrets that have work for her, to bring the manifestation of abundance and success into your life.....



  You will find when your session is over you will feel peace, calm and satisfied. When you connect with us, you will feel very comfortable with us. Many say that they are in awe of our gifts and our readings send chills of their spine with the accuracy and information we give. Our gifts, our accuracy, the spiritual content and assistance will amaze you.  You will be able to share all your experiences and information with us and not be concerned of our opinion or that we will give out any of the information to anyone else. It is all kept strictly confidential.

"Any Obstacle Can Be Over Come With Determination & Perseverance." Rose Schwab.   Please Read our   Miracles & Success  & Touched By God/Angel Experiences

Rose complimentary records her sessions and give you the tape; Rose is not afraid to have her work audited or recorded and you will see further information and examples in Rose's radio program "Looking through the eyes of a psychic". Rose always find a way to help you.


Facts of Information On Your Session With Rose

 Rose knows, if you are telling the truth or not, because she is a "genuine gifted  psychic" "the real thing" not pretending to be, but is and it does affect your reading if you are not honest and sincere.
 In not being honest and sincere you cause blockages within yourself that causes problems, you are dishonest with yourself in your life, and have issues that no one can help you regardless of what they claim. They are scamming you just as much as you are trying to scam them, which in turn causes a dissatisfied customer searching and searching going from psychic to psychic for an accurate true reading.
 Rose is the best and top psychic medium and professional, business consultant. We expect respect, and acceptance as it is given to each client. (Mirror Image) We have the right to choose who we will assist if an individual is being disrespectful, demanding, or abusive.
GUARANTIES: NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE LIFE OR ANOTHER INDIVIDUALS FREE WILL LIFE CHOICES. Rose is 95-100% accurate.  This is a fact and proof enough of her outstanding accuracy and also in the people she works with voluntarily. Individuals such as generations of United States Presidents. Representatives, Senators (visions and insights in economy, devastations, earth changes, war, national security and more) as well with the FBI and law enforcement. Her achievements in receiving high paying clientele including high impact individuals, individuals of all incomes,  Fortune 500 & 1000 companies confidentially has lead to her credible established reputation.
To say we guaranty our psychic readings is misleading, wrong and claiming we know everything and are God. This is against our faith and beliefs' that these are gifts given from God. It has taken over 50 years of hard work, which has established her credible reputation and accuracy  as a highly respected psychic. Rose's psychic readings also include a high education and experience in many fields of expertise. She can see the path you are on at this time during the reading and the outcome as you follow this path. Free will of an individual can change this path down the road. To guarantee psychic readings to us is a scam. NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE LIFE OR ANOTHER INDIVIDUALS FREE WILL CHOICES.