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  Healing Meditation© by Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD

Go to a quiet place if you can where there are no distractions, if you are unable to go to a quite place go within your mind to a quiet place that you set up deep within you to help you when you need it.

It is important to concentrate and focus your mind on a spot within you and your soul, that you can draw a picture in your mind or have an image of. In this way your mind is able to concentrate fully on what you are seeing. Begin by deep breathing in a relaxing manner, as you feel the full concentration on your breathing you will feel your body and mind relax.

As you relax, picture God’s light from heaven or the universe penetrating down and entering the top of your head in an opening you have allowed for it to enter through. This can also be the seventh chakra which is centered at the top of the head and allows the currents of energy to flow into our bodies. As a baby it was known as our soft spot at the top of the head.

As this energy fills your body full of light picture your body radiating this light. The light is burning brighter and brighter. In your mind you have set up a special place that you want this built up light or flame to go.

Picture this flame in the center of your chest close to your heart and working with it to spread the light to those whom you wish to extend it. Picture this flame inside of you sending this person deep love and light. As you feel the radiation from within yourself, picture this person next to you or a group of people next to you with whom you want to share your healing gift.



















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