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Rose's Interview 4 by Matt Kelly at the Miss Iowa USA &  Miss Iowa Teen Pageant Anchor/Reporter Radio Iowa & The Nebraska Radio Network

Interview: Two Iowa natives who bill themselves as "psychic sisters" say they're dedicated to reversing the stigma associated with clairvoyance and want to make people view those with such abilities as legitimate professionals  who are aiding society. Rose Schwab says she and  her sister, Bernadette, only use their powers to help others. { I:\AUDIO\psychic1.wav} 19 "feng shui"

In addition to working with the F-B-I and other federal agencies on national security issues, Schwab says they've assisted in such high-profile cases as the disappearance of Chaundra Levy, the Washington D-C intern who was romantically linked to a California Congressman. Also, Schwab says she can document her predictions of the September 11th attacks three years before they happened. She and her sister recently moved their office to Crystal, Minnesota, where they offer their services to the public in a variety of areas.  {I:\AUDIO\psychic2.wav} :14 "missing children"

Schwab says everyone has special mental abilities but not everyone has learned to use them as she and her sister have. She says she can trace her gifts back through six generations of women. Schwab says she can communicate with dead people, angels, animals and other entities and often encounters skeptics who don't believe her claims.

{I:\AUDIO\psychic3.wav}  :19 "same for us"

Someday, the Schwab's want to open a center where people can develop their psychic abilities to use in an ethical way. The sisters often avoid large crowds because of their empathic abilities. Schwab says she picks up all kinds of "information" from everyone around her.

{I:AUDIO\psychic4.wav}  :19 "overloading"

Schwab and her sister are originally from Cedar Rapids. For more information surf to ""


Interview 5 By Matt Kelly  over long distance phone call. Anchor/Reporter for Radio Iowa & The Nebraska Radio Network.
This interview came about when a Church leader from Cedar Rapids, IA approached the city council regarding an old law that was still on its books regarding fortune telling or the use of clairvoyance in any form. The Church leader said that doing psychic readings was part of his religion. The city council,  concerned about being sued ruled unanimously to remove this ancient law from its books. In order for it to be removed it must be stated so and published 3 times in the paper as well.
Anchor/Reporter Matt Kelly contacted Rose regarding this law, her feelings on it and if she  knew of its existence, since Rose & Bernadette had lived in Cedar Rapids, IA and used their gifts to make a difference.
While living there Rose & Bernadette helped millions freely with their gifts/abilities and expertise free of charge until in 1989 when disabling accidents from a job for Rose, caused them to begin charging for their services and expanding their business and services into what it is today continuing to help millions across the world, in various incomes through the fees received to cover the business costs incurred.
Iowa like many other states has various individuals who have used their gifts and abilities in psychic and clairvoyant services from the past to current modern times.

Interview: Cedar Rapids looks to remove past ban on fortune tellers by Anchor/Reporter Matt Kelley

The Cedar Rapids city council approved the first of three readings of an ordinance this week to get rid of a ban on fortune telling. The 82-year-old law made using clairvoyant powers illegal, but some critics say it could be an infringement on freedom of religion. Cedar Rapids native Roseanne Schwab is a psychic and says she was shocked to hear she was breaking the law when she used her powers in her hometown. Schwab and her sister, Bernadette, run Angelic Inspirations from the town of Crystal, Minnesota, working with police, the F-B-I and other federal agencies on national security issues, missing children cases, murder investigations and in solving other crimes. She says she's encouraged Cedar Rapids is making the move to make psychics more accepted. She says we're all gifted and it's up to them to use their gifts in the right way. Schwab says everyone has special mental abilities but not everyone has learned to use them as she and her sister have. She says she can trace her gifts back through six generations of women.

Friday, January 10, 2003



Rose and Bernadette met Anchor/Reporter Matt Kelly and his charming wife Tracey Kelly, AWayWithWords  at the Miss Iowa USA & Miss Teen USA Pageant.  Matt Kelly is Anchor/Reporter Radio Iowa & The Nebraska Radio Network   who did an interview with Rose at the pageant and then another by phone.
 Matt Kelly can be reached through Radio Iowa at 800.729.8765 and Tracey Kelly can be reached at AWayWithWords 515-256-7800




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