Interview with Rose Ann On:

Relationships, Soul Mates, Twin Souls... by Jon Whitters

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Interview with Rose Ann On:

Relationships, Soul Mates, Twin Souls... by Jon Whitters


Rose can you tell us the difference between Soul Mates, Twin Souls

 Souls & Companion? Yes, the difference stems from the Soul mate being part of you. When we were created we were originally androgynous. The bible even states this to some degree when it says God created Man and from his rib he created woman. As an androgynous. being this is exactly what happened. We were split apart from one being into two separate beings in order to bring about children into our lives. When as these beings we were separated, this other part of us, whether man or woman became our soul mate. Many think that they can not live life without being complete and that they must have this other soul mate to be complete. This is the wrong way to view the situation.

    You do not enter into any relationship with the idea that someone else completes you in the respect you can't go on living without this other individual. This is the wrong concept and idea. To say that someone completes you, this should mean they have developed their soul to the highest spiritual level and are willing to join in a lasting relationship that strives to bring into your life the added benefits of companionship, friendship, love, respect and acceptance. It also means being separate allowing growth for both parties in every way. In most relationships they fall apart or don't last because of expectations and the lack of allowing the individual to grow and develop their very being.

What are twin souls? Twin souls are similar to soul mates, but the actual part of you that you were before as androgynous being, companion souls can also be soul mates such as sisters, brothers, mothers and so on. For instance in this life time, my sister Bernadette is my soul mate/companion soul. She has had many life times with me of working together to better our world and help the individuals whom our lives touch. Soul mates/companion souls do not sit in judgment but work together to advance the soul to the highest levels as they connect with other souls advancing them as well, if they are ready at that point and time in their life. A twin soul is one that works well with you in every aspect, similar to a Soul Mate, but the intent is not sexual or to have children.

As the souls develop and remembers whether they are soul mates, twin souls or companion souls (which are here to help us through issues, or situations in our lives then move on) that all of these have a special meaning and a special job to fulfill in our life times. To say that you can't live without someone that you have fallen in love with deeply is the human part of all of us, but to expect that someone to complete us and fulfill our every need without us accepting the fact we must have other relationships that are only in friendship is leading this relationship in the wrong direction dooming it before it ever begins.

We all need relationships, whether with a partner, our parents, children, brothers, sisters or just friends, but we must not use these needs for friendships or relationships to justify having affairs, or intimate sex with others when committed to one. Justification of these actions is wrong. If anything be honest with your partner and yourself, but don't expect that this partner will continue the relationship, if you continue on this path. Their soul may have developed to a higher plane where they want more out of life and love which includes the spiritual growth and development not entirely the physical satisfaction.

There is so much more to our development but because of our human needs we sometimes loose ourselves in fulfilling of these needs and not of the development in both areas. This is why many marriages including mine don't work out. Because the attention is on satisfying only the human needs and in most cases its sexual relationships that are mostly bored and wanting to explore excitement, and sexual gratification by going further and more daring.

In some cases you will find normal sexual relations is not enough, the individual will search for other ways of sexual gratification such as computer sex, group sex and so on and even become Casanovas or Womanizers/Menizers. This usually happens when the soul development and spiritual development has been locked out with no advancement or development happening. If the soul, mind and body do not develop spiritually with other areas, the individual looks for physical or sexual gratification, wanting more and more. Each time it is never enough leaving them still empty, and unsatisfied. They are not easily shocked by anything in the world any more and have seen it all, becoming more and more skeptical of life, of other humans, of God and even of themselves. Each soul, body and mind must develop fully including spirituality and allowing it in if you are to advance finding your soul's purpose. Many will feel empty inside going on a search or a quest, that is because the mind, body and soul have become one recognizing the need for all to work in harmony for the advancement of all.

Are you afraid of dying? No I am not afraid of dying. Death is nothing to fear, it is just a different plane that we go to. I have been there already 3 times in my life with my near death experiences. It is so warm, loving and full of light. All those who were connected to me in this life time and many others will be there. The love and feelings of sharing, as in this life time will be there. There will be no hate, no prejudice no anger and most of all no negativity or harm to those who are brought forth. It is so much different then in this world where corruption, hate, prejudice and violence take place. It is so spiritual so much of a resting place like a wonderful glorious holiday with out all the problems and stressors or pain I am going through or we face in our world.




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