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Interview with Rose Ann Schwab by Pat McDormic free lance writer


Rose where did your family originate?

My father’s parents came from Russia & Germany coming to America through Ellis Island. The settled in Osage, IA. My mother’s family came from England and settled in Cedar Rapids, IA. We are distant relations to President Herbert Hoover on my mother's side. My father and mother met and married with all of us 3 children being born in Osage, IA. Later they moved to Cedar Rapids, IA were my father worked at Penick & Fords all his life.

Rose when did you first know you were different and had gifts/abilities?

Before the age of 6 I began to know I was different but I didn’t understand until the near death drowning accident with my sister Bernadette. Our mother would tell us we were gifted but we didn’t understand what that meant.

What happened in that near death experience of drowning?

My sister Bernadette and I were allowed to go down to the river to swim. I was 6 years old and she was 8. It was a terrible hot day, when mom let us go down to the river, we lived just over the hill from it. The bank had fishing boats tied to it. We were told to stay near the edge and not to go out into the deep water. Bernie and I were playing, splashing, chasing each other, playing games. Somehow during the intense time of playing we lost our perception of how far we were out. Before we knew it, we were caught in the current, pulling us further out into the river. We didn’t know what to do.

There were other people on the hill, but way up and they couldn’t hear us screaming for help. We felt ourselves being pulled under several times. During those times of going under, I kept feeling a presence of something far greater then I could understand, but the fear of dying made me panic. I went down 3-4 times and as I did I saw my life flash before me. I felt my spirit heading toward a white light. I saw other light beings in human shape, and angels all around.

One angel came to me telling me that it was not my time and that I was to go back. He took my hand and led me back down the tunnel and I found myself back in my body grasping for air. I heard this Angel’s voice telling me not to be afraid, to relax. He said that both my sister and I would be all right, but we must relax so they could push us ashore. Suddenly out of know where both Bernie and I came up for air and we suddenly were pushed by no one there to the shallower water where we climbed out exhausted resting on the bank.

As we laid there with our eyes closed I saw a white light of this angel reappear into a human shape telling me, that we would now be all right. He said it was not our time to be taken to God that we had a job here to do on earth. He went on to explain that many people will be looking at us and we would be a beacon of light for many others to help them find their way. As we developed our God given gifts that we would more fully understand our role in this world and why God had chosen us to assist in helping many others to understand and fulfill their souls purposes. He said that the angels would always communicate with us, and told us that we would be able to talk to them or write to them when ever we wanted to. We were told we would be teaching this to others among many other things as time went on.

Then the angel disappeared. We went back home and told our mother who had already felt this touch by God’s hand.

Can you tell us about your home live, and school live as a young child and how these gifts/abilities developed or any incidents that you remember?

I started school at a Catholic school that was both an elementary and high school, where later they would close the high school and bus the high school students to a new high school on the other side of town. When I first started school I had a hard time adjusting, because I could see angels around everyone, and knew everyone had the same gifts as myself.

What I didn’t know was that they didn’t know they had them and had been blocked from remembering or it had been forcibly repressed because the faith of Catholics and our teachings did not allow for us to use these gifts and abilities. We were told they were bad or work of the devil. I could never understand why this type of teaching was given, because the gifts were given by God Himself and we were all made into the likeness and image of God.

This was the way the faith was back then, and for a child growing up it was even harder when you knew you had gifts/abilities and wanted to understand them, to seek knowledge about them, and no one would allow you to. I had several incidents where I was told that the use of these gifts were bad, but they would ask me to tell on my class mates who had done something they were not suppose to. This mixed me up. The gifts/abilities were God given, but they were bad and we weren’t suppose to use them but still I was asked to tell on other students by using them at the same time. This was hard for me to understand. As time went on I had made some friends, but found that when they saw I was gifted they treated me differently. I couldn’t understand why at first, then I realized that they too, didn’t understand any better then I did.

The home we lived in was in a poor side of town. We only had a coal & wood burning stove to heat the two story home. The house itself was build with no extras. I would describe it as just a shell of a current house with nothing added inside. We had an outside well, and restroom, known as outhouse. Our bedrooms had make shift free standing closets. There were two small bedrooms up stairs, then as you came down the stairs, there was a room Mom and Dad had turned into their bedroom with no doors but curtains separating it from the front room and no closet. Off and to the back was a dinning room, then the kitchen off of that. At the back of the house and front was a porch. The back porch was enclosed and Dad had build a smaller little room off of it to use it as a future bathroom that was to be used for storage. In the basement was the coal stove and where mom would do the washing sometimes by hand and in later years with a wringer wash machine, we would then line dry clothing.

We did not have much and were very poor. We walked everywhere and as we grew up were given bikes, to get us to places. We didn't have very much money and it was a time of low wages and strikes.

After many years of living there and when the Catholic High School closed down, Mom and Dad had our house bought out from the city for contaminated well water that had happen all over the area where many homes were. Mom and Dad took the money and bought a house 1 block from the new high school that had been built.

It was at this time that my whole life had changed and I was given a better life and education, but still money was tight. When our parents became ill, and later passed away we did not have insurance to cover the medical cost of their prescriptions or any medical treatments to assist them. We were all on limited income. Mom and Dad were on social security. They had to decide whether to pay for a house over our heads, and food or the needed medical attention and prescriptions. They died not having the money or issuance to care for their medical needs.

Throughout my life I learned to use my gifts and abilities, and when I would receive information I knew that it would be hard to explain to some people. When I saw visions of things that needed to be reported I would call in with out leaving my name many times. I could not sit on the information I had, and if I tried to I would be haunted by continuous visions until I did, making me feel guilty because I did not come forward.

There were many incidents throughout my life that I had these visions and information that I would share with those in authority, the police, the president of the united states, senators, governors, etc. as well as other people. I lived and grew up around Cedar Rapids, IA.

During the 11 years I was working hard going to college part time and working at a grocery store. After the grocery store I was given a job as a receptionists secretary in Cedar Rapids, IA at a law firm where I worked a little over 5 years.

This is where I had my accidents on the job, first injuries to my feet where I had to go to a foot specialist that they paid for, and then less then a year later, 2 accidents that involved a ladder, conference table, file boxes, and a store room that led to serious uterus problems and abnormalities where surgery needed to be performed to remove it, to injuries in two places to the spine that caused rapidly degenerating discs and in turn pressed on nerves cause severe pain throughout my body. Because of not receiving the immediate medical attention from either situation concerning the ladder in the store room, my injuries went from permanent to total and permanent disability. My encounters with angels with my surgery for the removal of my uterus that had been shoved and growing on a muscle and the final diagnose from doctors concerning my permanent and total disability are told in the following links. Contact Saving of Life     Accidents on the job, Contact Heavenly Intervention, and Contact Divine Intervention. It would take to long to go back into and be a duplication of material here.

I had been doing volunteer crisis intervention at the crisis center in Cedar Rapids, during the time of my college education and while working at the law firm.

We moved from Iowa because I could not get the medical attention I needed to Minnesota where we found that the x-rays we were told that did not show any problems in actual fact did show spinal injuries and problems. But the main problem of nerves and the pressing of the discs were not found or how to better my condition.

I tried it and it altered my state of mind dramatically. I was in bed all the time due to the severe pain and then went to a wheel chair on occasion, but the tablets made me so tired that all I did was sleep, it helped with the depression that came with the severe pain, but made me a zombie, shell of what I was. When I got off the tablets  I finally took control of my life and forced myself to work on my own physical therapy, to walk, use my legs, my hands, my arms, my body all over again. I was not going to be a burden to my family.

  After  getting on with my life, my gifts became even stronger, and more knowledge was become readily accessible to me. I was being guided like I never knew before to assist as many people as my life came in contact.

Through meditation, focus and centering I have been able to deal more now with the severe pain that comes from time to time, but this type of treatment had eliminated the depression that was brought on by the severe pain. Even though I still have to do physical therapy and use pain killers, I have gone from bedridden and wheel chair with God’s help through prayer and mediation.

I focus my life on assisting other, getting out there in the public by doing lectures, workshops and classes as well as our business of professional consulting. I have been blessed by God to write many articles and manuscripts, with visionary concepts and ideas in them that one day will be published and recognized as great works of our time, through insights, visions, and channeling.

I have been lucky to be blessed by God. We help many people without payment, but those that can pay we ask to pay so that our work can continue on. There is nothing in this world that is completely free, so we ask for you to understand that when you have us assist you, you are receiving the best help you can get, and to please remember that we need to live, survive and pay our bills just like anyone else, but we also have added expenses of medical care for me that is not covered and that comes out of our own pockets.

I met my twin soul/flame and fell deeply in love. We had short time together before his loss. I am now a single mother raising children.

My fee allows I charge allow me to continue my life’s work. This is my specialized fields of expertise that go far beyond the psychic/spiritual world into a high educated background expanded in many fields as well in the business and professional world. I believe it is fair and justified. I’ve spent over fifty years developing and refining my abilities, along with my higher education, many fields of expertise and over 50 years experience. I have built a credible and respectable reputation and successful business with high integrity, ethics, and accuracy. I have worked with the government and White House voluntarily, and giving to charity up front in support or work to raise funds for charity as well as having high individual client recommendations.

Rose today how have you been able to assist with your gifts, expertise, knowledge and wisdom?

I found that my gifts and abilities were needed to guide many others including our government with my insights and visions. I felt that I could not close my eyes or turn my head burring it into the sand. I may not be able to make huge changes, or make them all right away, but step by step and situation by situation my expertise has helped in many areas not just with individuals, but to help in passing laws, to assist in influence with right and wrong situations or situations where balance is needed.

This is the role I have been given to help guide, direct and advise. I can not force anyone to do anything, all I can do is tell the truth of what I see in my visions, insights and knowledge. It is up to all of us to follow through. We all have free will and it is with that free choice we take steps that can be good for us or bad, they can be in own self interests or the good of all. They can advance us to the higher spiritual levels of universal consciousness or the depths of violence, despair and corruption.

Rose what one thing would you want to do if you were able to with your gifts and abilities that you are not able to do now?

My one thing that I would want to do with my gifts and abilities, with my expertise, wisdom and knowledge is to bring our world back to kindness, unconditional love, extending hands out to others in assistance where neighbor assisted neighbor, and people could trust one another not only with their property, etc, but with their work, their ideas, and so on, giving each person credit for the work, or idea they did by saying something like this.

" Julie Jones, is a gifted individual who was blessed with this insight idea, and I want to give her credit for the inspirational insight and idea. In order to do so I have her permission to take it even one step further and expand on it."

When we do this we give credit to those who were blessed with their own inspirational insights, but then we can also expand it with our own creative gifts and abilities and make it ours in its own uniqueness, but this is not what happens.

We find individuals, business etc., all jumping on the band wagon to steal someone else’s inspired idea, and get it out there first, instead of giving them the credit and us expanding on it making it our own uniqueness giving us the credit, but our world is too selfish to every consider such an idea and follow through, bringing about the spiritual awareness and universal consciousness as one for all. Instead we are all separate and will remain separate entities until we finally figure it out. But then isn't this the world the way we created it today. There is something even better out there when we open our hearts, minds and soul to the greater good of all.




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