NEAR DEATH COMMON TRAITS AND UFO Experiences Similar to Near Death

by Rose Ann Schwab


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UFO Experiences Similar to Near Death

by Rose Ann Schwab


According to the NDE researchers including Kenneth Ring psychologist and the founding member of the International Association of Near Death Studies have identified several traits common to NDE's some or all of which may be experienced by ay one person.

  •  A sense of being out of the body, looking down on one's self and on others who are trying to resuscitate the body, in the attempts to bring back life into it.
  • Cessation of pain in the beginning then turning into a feeling of bliss or peacefulness.
  • Traveling down dark tunnel toward a brilliant light of gold at the end, that seems blinding from the darkness.
  • Meeting glowing beings who appear to be angels, Jesus, or other religious figures.
  • Meeting dead relatives or friends
  • Seeing a life review
  • Seeing visions of the future
  • Undergoing a judgment or one's life that is rendered by self and not by God.
  • Feeling of reluctant to return to life because of the warm light, love and peace that surrounds you.

Nearly 97 percent of all NDEs are reported as positive and only a small minority say they do not see heaven, but hell and demonic figures. NDEs are seen by some to be a mechanism for the on going transmission of spiritual wisdom and truths as well as maintaining of social order.

Ring also found parallels between the NDE and the UFO encounters. In some UFO encounters, extraterrestrials who arrive in brilliant light would take humans on cosmic trips. Some would impart prophecies and wisdom back to us on earth. Most recent UFO abduction however have been reported as negative and unpleasant medical procedures. What is the purpose of these medical procedures? Is it to produce an earth being with the capabilities of an extraterrestrial to be a mediator or go in-between between the two cultures? Is it for the purpose of reproduction in the hopes or attempts to regenerate their species and keep them from dying? Are ET's being not only from another planet but from the future, our future of what we are doing to ourselves and our world around us? In this only time will tell.

Future visions in NDEs UFO encounters and Marian apparitions age apocalyptic: massive cataclysms, earth-changes, economic woes, wars and upheavals in society. One of the major functions of the angels at the end of time is to quell the forces of evil and to separate them into groups of souls of the righteous and the sinners, then escort them to their appropriate after life.

These experiences and the latest interest in angels may be part of a broad psychic shift of collective level consciousness, and marking a new era of expanded consciousness of a spiritual nature.





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