I have had  many near death experiences.

I am full of light. Like a Beacon in the night/darkness, others are drawn to me.

Yes, I am Catholic & Proud of It! 

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Message from Rose: "I would like to take a moment to say how amazingly proud and humbled I am by this opportunity to help others with my gifts, making a difference. Because I am Catholic, which I am proud of, I feel doubly blessed by God & those who He chooses to send to me trying to help them if they to wish to move forward. You cannot force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. This is why I am so full of light and love. I have had many near death experience and their is a reason, I am still here regardless of what is thrown to me by the dark side.  I love this job, and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to serve individuals worldwide and help make a difference in people’s lives. It has been wonderful talking to and meeting people from different walks of life and from different cultures and perspectives. One of the things I’m most proud of has been the opportunity to use my gifts to assist you and make that difference. Thank you. It is truly an honor. Please also remember to show and be kind to others. We are made of "light" and only in the light can you fight the darkness that surrounds us. I respect other beliefs & religions unless they are hurting others or using their gifts to hurt others. Don't let the darkness consume you and feed off of your light. You are a unique and special light being with powers. Use them with understanding, responsibility and wisdom. Show others you are stronger than those who hearts are filled with hate. All are welcomed here in the light." World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium & Professional Consultant Dr. Rose Ann Schwab PhD is an award winning accurate psychic, over 55 years experience, highly educated, & many fields of expertise including parapsychology, psychology, law to name a few with high education, experience and expertise. Dr. Rose has become very successful with her business that went international. She became loved, respected and consulted by individuals of all social statuses, incomes,  cultures, faiths, beliefs and life style choices, like yourself worldwide.

 Brief View: Rose Ann Schwab is blood sister of Bernadette K. Schwab. Rose is co-owner and founder of Angelic Inspirations (Inc. International) established in 1962. She is a World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Professional Consultant, Business Advisor and Parapsychologist Expert tested by law enforcement, the government and The White House documented officially to be with an accuracy of 98% in her work  as advisor, voluntarily giving insights and information. Rose is highly educated with background in many fields of expertise including psychology degree PhD and law. She was also given an honorary title & degree doctrine in 1999. Rose uses the Doctor title in her work and was given the name respectfully & is known as Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD for her outstanding work, knowledge & insights she uses in helping others. Dr. Rose is not currently a licensed psychologist for taking on clients under psychology, nor does she claim to be licensed, but assists when she can with her abilities, years of experience, expertise, knowledge, educational background, volunteer crisis center counseling experience and her psychic abilities and visions. She also recommends individuals to connect with a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist if needed during her sessions, or medical professionals such as doctors or chiropractors.

Rose is a distant cousin to President Herbert Hover. Rose and Bernadette Schwab, sisters built Angelic Inspirations.

She is very humble and tries to help sincerely, as many individuals as she can working with all income ranges to assist in the economic environment of today.

Rose Ann is a credible established accurate psychic with near death experiences, parapsychologist; educated, experience and expert, gifted psychologist, consultant and advisor, spiritual teacher, hypnotherapist, author, artist, international speaker and visionary as well as many other fields of expertise. Rose comes from 6 generations of women psychics, the first highly educated and has gifts with connections to the seventh dimension.

Associations, Groups Member Of: She is a member of many groups and associations including InfraGard & InfraGard MN working with law enforcement and on the board of many organizations behind the scenes.

Rose's Abilities: Rose does not use tarot cards, or use any form of props with "true gifts" and who "sees clearly." She uses her gifts to make a difference, one step at a time helping to change the image and stigma associated with the word psychics or psychics themselves. She is the new breed and caliber of psychics who do make a difference.

Rose has been asked to be advisor to many TV and Radio programs based on the Paranormal/Psychic making them a huge success.

Wellness Directory (link): . "Rose is one of those gentle persons whose life stands as a testament to the miraculous. Her life has been filled with miracles; miracles and love....."


Rose's gift and unique abilities have landed her on many programs. She has appeared on talk shows  since she was a child in over 45 years of her work. She has appeared at many Expos, Speaking Engagements/Lectures and held many workshops and seminars for many, many years. Rose is constantly contacted to appear at speaking engagements and talk shows or radio programs  Sally Raphael, Miracles,  and Angels the Messengers, to name a few, as Rose's work is very credible, well known & established over many years with high recognitions, awards and testimonials

What makes Rose Ann Schwab unique is her amazing life's story. Rose's book The River's Dawn," is currently in the works and should be out by the end of 2011 beginning of 2012. To coincide with her book, Rose will also be doing You-Tube Predictions. Check your local You-Tube listings

Educational Background:

Reiki & Hypnotherapist Certification                       1994-1996

Psychology, Marketing & Business Degree               1993

University of MN

Law & Psychology

1988 year- 1993 year


University of Illinois

Psychology, business & marketing

1984 year- 1988 year


University of ND

Psychology, law, business, marketing

1980 year- 1983 year


The University of Iowa

Psychology & Law

1976 year- 1980 year



Educational Background & Areas of Expertise:  These are just a few of the many fields of expertise Highly educated and established background in many fields including, but not limited to: Advisor in many fields, of expertise, guidance counselor, Criminal & General Law, Psychology, Sociology, Relationships Counseling, Direction & Guidance in Life, Spirituality and Relationships, Career Path, Spiritual Guidance, Consulting,  Psychic Development Consulting, Crisis Intervention, Nursing, Educational & Physical Evaluations, Real Estate Consulting, Networking, Business Trouble Shooting, Professional Image, Public Relations, Marketing, Business Management & Consulting, Sociopath Behavior, Terrorism, Forensics, Profiling, Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Light Body Work, Cleansings of Energy/ Aura, Body, Mind, & Spirit, Image, Feng Shui, Home Decor, Real Estate Background, Coaching, Professional Consulting/Coaching, Political Consulting, Business Consulting, Paranormal, Psychic Attack Consulting,  National Security Consulting, Mary Kay Professional Makeup & Image Consultant Background, Healings, Unsolved Mysteries, Ghost Busting, Channeling, Psychometry (touching objects), Parapsychology, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Telepathy, Generations of Psychics, Generations of Clairvoyance, Communications With The Dead, Near Death Experiences, Channeling, Angels & Spirit Guide Experiences, Religions Of The World, Reincarnation, UFO experiences, psychic & business realm.......just to name a few of the many and still in continuing education and studying. Education  Obtained in Iowa & Minnesota to name a few. Rose attending colleges starting in 1977 and is continuing her education reading every day, attends various classes and obtains knowledge and expertise in many fields to expand her abilities in assisting and guiding individuals. Law and psychology education.

 Rose's Gifts: Rose channels 4 angels: Archangels Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Michael. Rose's gifts include being Empathic, (picking up information from individuals such as feelings, thoughts actions,....)  Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear sensing) Astro Projection, Light Body Healings, Out Of Body Experience (OBE), Telepathy,  ESP, Precognition,  Many Near Death Experiences (NDE), Trance Channeling/Mediumship and Psychometry (What is Known As Touching Objects To Receive Information/Visions )as well as seeing and communicating with the dead, angels, animals and so on.  Further Information On Rose's Gifts, Channeling Angels, Spirits, Come From 6 Generation of Women Psychics,  ...... Highly Educated In Many Major Fields.



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In Loving Memory of our Parents,

Lorraine J. Schwab
, Aug, 8, 1925-Dec. 28, 1988 who died of cancer
and Feldie J. Schwab Sr.
July 14, 1919- Jan 19, 1990 who died from a heart stroke,
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In Loving Memory Of: Dr. John Douglas (Doug). Brewer  Nov. 22, 1945 - Feb.28 2004:

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Rose and Bernadette thank you for your visit and ask you to donate generously to the Cancer Society, Heart Disease Association, Homeless Shelters, Food Shelters and Animal Shelters.


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