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  Bernadette's Touched By Angels Experiences


The Wheel Experience by Bernadette Schwab
  I was running a little late for work on this particular day. I was hoping to stop at the grocery store where I stopped every day for a can of pop before going into work a short distance away.  This day everything kept going wrong. Finally I got into my car & left the house. I took the rout I always took and started on the Interstate.  It took just a few minutes to get from the side of town I lived at to to the other side of town where I worked. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to stop for my usual can of pop, so when I took my exit off the interstate, I decided to just go straight to work. I came to the turn off to where I would go past the grocery store.

     This particular road is curvy so you can't go too fast or you could loose control and hit someone from the opposite direction.  I was approaching the first drive for the store, intending to keep going, I then heard a voice say, stop and get your can of pop. Since I was by myself , no one could have said it. I thought I must be cracking up, because it was like someone was right there with me, speaking to me in a normal human voice. I swung into the 2nd drive, pulled into a parking place and parked. I went in to get my can of pop and came back out just a few minutes later.

     I started the car like normal and proceeded to back out of the parking place. As I backed out I heard this terrible grind and I couldn't get the car to move back or forward. I got out to look at the car. I was shocked to my front tires on the drivers side was off and laying crooked against the car!

      Thank God I had not been on the interstate driving, or the next week on my trip to Minnesota from Iowa of over 6 hrs when this happened. The car dealership I used for service was right next door to this grocery store I usually stopped at.

     Had I not listened to that voice, the voice of whom I'm sure was my Guardian Angel, I would have lost control of the car, hitting something or someone and maybe even killing myself or them.

     This was truly a miracle in itself because the car had been thoroughly checked out for any problems so I could take my trip to Minnesota to visit Rose. What if this had happened on the Interstate a few minutes before or while on my trip.

     God and His Angels sure do work in mysterious ways. Thank You for guiding and protecting me.










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