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THE ANGEL WITHIN© Channeled By Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD

Dear Ones, many of you do not realize that you all have an "Angel Within". what you seem to forget is that you are all made in the likeness of our creator. You all have gifts and talents that are laying dormant inside of you. Many will not develop these God given talents out of rear. many will not develop them out of lack of not wanting to, many will develop them to help with the global transformation of universal light and peace.

There are may teachers of the universal light that have developed their gifts and talents. when they use them to teach and instruct in the development of these abilities many more human souls will reach the higher levels of awareness. Each individual soul can learn and grow. How they develop and at what accelerated rate depends on the soul itself. The purpose of the development of these souls abilities is to help guide us in a positive manner to the universal path of spiritual growth.

     Those who use these gifts and abilities in the universal light, in service to others, and teaching others in the universal light ways are individuals who wish to help in global transformation.  Always follow your gut instincts and when in doubt, turn it over and over asking yes and no questions. If yes, you will feel a calm and peace if no you will feel a turning of stomach, or uneasiness.

     Dear ones, when you use these abilities and gifts for the dark, to control or hurt someone then these gifts and abilities will be taken away whether they are given by your faith of belief in God or the Universe. Those that use them to do harm to others are working under the dark influence and are controlled by it. When the gifts and development of them are used according to the advancement of the soul, the soul becomes intuned to more and more gifts, and abilities. When the soul develops these abilities within the rules of the "universal light" and in doing so will be blessed with circumstance and abundance.

     Many universal light workers with the acceptance of these gifts will integrate them in a positive manner within their personal, professional and business lives.  It is important to fully understand when learning these abilities for them to be integrated fully in your daily life in a positive manner. In this process of full understanding and integration you are able to remember, utilize and receive stronger guidance from the Divine. In this process, the Divine Guidance will direct you in every action or moment in your life so you will stay in the "Universal Light" and be under its protection. God's light and love.
Archangel Uriel.











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