The Power Of Three

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The Power of Three


The Power of Three is considered the highest connection to the source. It doesn't matter if you are of a different faith, belief or such, the design of the star, whether is is the Star of David, WICCAN, Catholic, Jewish or whatever has specific implications to the higher level. Being a Catholic, I decided to do research on this area. The design although very similar, or alike is used with each different faith. What we don't realize is that it is the same. Each of the symbols has a connection. Each has forms of triangles which corresponds with the power of three. If a Catholic, Christian type believe, The power of three is Jesus, God, & The Holy Spirit. In each believe the source of the power is very similar or exact but under a different name according the the belief.

The point is that each faith or belief has a source of three that connects them to their power source and higher level. The triangles regardless of each faith or belief stresses the fact that three is the strongest source and power. When we stop to think about all of this, we must realize this has been in our knowledge since the beginning of time. When we accept that fact that there are three sources that bring about the connection and help us advance then we too advance in ways we are unaware of.

We become more stronger, more alive and more powerful. This does not mean that this use of the three does not come with some type of responsibility. We cannot use the power of three to hurt, harm or attack others. None of the three will work in this way. This is why it is call the Power of Three because it is the greatest connection to the higher sources and our universal creator. Evil can be used in any form and does not need the power of three to work, but then you are forever in darkness.

When you use the power of three walking the path of light no matter what faith with understanding, wisdom, and responsibility, you then are given even greater powers and the responsibility to use them correctly and for the right reasons. It can be a wonderful experience and many will find the power is so uplifting that you know which individuals to connect with that understand the full potential and use themselves, using it the way it was meant to be.

The power of three is also our connection to the Divine, different uses of our gifts/abilities that connect with our brain in the area we call the third eye. It is our means of the three in spirituality, creativity & psychic abilities that we reach different levels, dimensions and planes. It gives us the power that is greater than any power that we could ever imagine, but can only be used in the light and with the help of our Creator. It is our connection to the Divine, with everything important in the meanings of 3, 6 and 9. The number 3  is in our DNA sequences which tells us that we are being a very special message. It is our strong connection to the Trinity, The Father, Son & Holy Spirit, regardless of faith, belief or religion.

When you reach this level, and it can only be reached after much work with integrity, understanding, wisdom and responsibility. You realize the power has been given to you and you are in awe of the connection you have been given and obtained with much hard work in walking the path of light has brought you to this path.

It is not about religion, but a way of living and treating others in which our lives come in contact with a positive energy flow that we know they feel as well, and will also pass on this positive energy flow to those in which they come in contact in a positive manner.

Using the Power Of Three is a connection to the highest level of spiritual advancement and acceptance that we all need to achieve, but it can only be done by actual living and walking the path, not in words, but in action and deeds.

I am truly in awe of this connection I have found and the power it represents when used correctly. I have been trusted with the use, as many of you are or will be when you accept the universal connection to all faiths and beliefs as the Power of Three that makes us all One.




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