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Please read carefully and be careful. There are some truly honest accurate and exceptional psychics out there, but there as in any area of business are scammers/con-artists who will take you for a ride and take all of your money.



So how do we determine who is who, what is what, what fees are too much or too little and are they for real or just scamming us? We have come up with some information to ask yourself in your own determination based on questions you need to ask. Please remember there are many good honest and accurate psychics, healers, or the 150 names that can be used, or you may run into a bad one, that is a scammer. During economic turns were the economy is not so good is when you hear and see more of the bad ones and scammers. Don't listen to them, pay them any money, or fall for the old scam if you have sent them money, if you send me more I will send it all back.

Not all will agree with what we have here simply because they may be using these tactics one or more on their clients themselves. This is also considered a gray area which many do use to obtain their clients and to make money. Not all psychics do these things, there are many, many good ones who do not need to, others want to make money fast and use them. You determine who you want to use and can trust. It is your decision, your free will, your choice.... No one else's...


There are many, many good, accurate, honest and high integrity psychics and consultants out there, but there are also many scam and con artists that are the new face on the internet. Be Aware!

Be In The Know: here is how to check them out,      


Many individuals when choosing a psychic do not know what to look for. I have included areas of which the client should do research on, or have knowledge when choosing a psychic.

1.     Check out the integrity of the psychic. Do they have a good reputation? Do they have high testimonials recommendations and awards from actual people you can contact?

  1. Know the different types and kinds of psychics, what their gifts are and how to determine the right one for you? There are many different psychic/consultants out there. Make sure you have the right one for your needs.
               a.) Are they a professional psychic, established psychic, vision psychic, tarot psychic, palm reader psychic, entertainment psychic, spell psychic, renowned psychic, 24 hour psychic, psychic hot line or so on?
               b.) What tools do they use? True gifts, visions, tarot cards, astrology, palm reading, tea leaf reading or the craft and spells?
               c.) What type of Gifts do they have or combination of? 

                      Channels,  Empathic, (picking up information from individuals such as feelings, thoughts actions,....)  Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear sensing) Astro Projection, Light Body Healings, Out Of Body Experience (OBE), Telepathy,  ESP, Precognition, Near Death Experiences (NDE), Trance Channeling/Mediumship (spirits speak through them), Psychometry (What is Known As Touching Objects To Receive Information/Visions),  seeing and communicating with the dead, angels, animals and so on....

d.)  Do they have any other expertise

e.)  Are they established? How long?

f.)    What makes them different?

g.)  Do you feel peace, calm and light or apprehensive, nervous and darkness?

h.)    How do they charge their fees? Credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash or charge your phone bill?  Psychic hot lines usually charge your phone bill.

i.)     How accurate is the psychic? What is their accuracy percentage?

j.)     Do they offer various prices?

k.)   What separates one psychic from another? What makes them stand out?

l.)     What is unique about them? What does the psychic have to offer? Does the psychic tape record the sessions for you on good equipment as a complimentary gift, whether as a healer, clairvoyant psychic, psychic who see's dead people or so on? Do they give you large plates full of information?

3. Are they professional? Are they local, nation wide, international or worldwide? What is their accuracy?  Are they credible? How many years of expertise?

  1. Do you feel comfortable when talking to them? If you don't feel comfortable when you talk to them or get a good feeling about them when you talk to them on the phone, chances are you will not get a good accurate reading from them. Your own instinct tells you this, listen.
  2. Know that there are many, many psychics out there to choose from. Some good and some bad. It is up to you to check them out. It is up to you to make your experience good and memorable or bad and in bad taste.
  3. When choosing a psychic for serious reasons, known they are there to sincerely help and guide you. They will not take advantage of you, and will offer extras on the side, like something or some kind of meditation to assist you in grounding they recommend, and so on or even maybe a hand out and a complimentary free taping of your session.

  4. Not all psychics are the same, not their work, not their gifts, not their expertise, or years of expertise and neither are their fees.
  5. If you are serious about having a psychic reading, or consulting, please remember if the psychic is established with a credible reputation, high accuracy and one of the top readers or consultants for years you will be paying more.
  6. Do not expect the top, best, highest accuracy with experience and/or high with education psychics and consultants to just give their services away cheaply. They have earned the fees they received through hard work, many with years of experience and many fields of expertise, some highly educated establishing professional or business fields of expertise to expand their services, established credible reputation, integrity, ethics and  through high accuracy.
  7. The expert psychic or consultant will set their own fees. Respect the fees asked as earning this individual deserves and has earned. This is no different then the fees you expect to earn if working under another, or as a business expect to earn and worked hard to get.
  8. Show respect, don’t take the psychic for granted and be open to the individual psychic and their information. Giving psychic readings regardless of what form, whether as an established credible psychics/consultants or others that are sincere and gifted is very draining and hard work. Skeptism or hiding things causes blockages and prevents a good reading.
  9.  Please remember that not everyone is honest, and that there are scam/con artists out there who do claim to be psychics, especially during a bad economy. This is no different then any other profession when individuals are out to make a fast buck or con people. You find it in all walks of life, unfortunately people remember this in connection to psychics from generations past to today that has put a stigma and hurt the reputation of psychic who truly wish to use their gifts and make a difference. 
     These are all questions you must ask yourself if you wish an accurate credible, enjoyable, full of information session. It is your money. Do your research and don’t fall prey to a scam or con artist. There are many good, accurate, honest and ethical psychics and consultants out there to use and trust. Good Luck!





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