Published in the Twin Cities Wellness May 1998 By Rose Ann Schwab


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TUNE IN & TURN ON TO THE GOD WITHIN Published in the Twin Cities Wellness May 1998 By Rose Ann Schwab

Throughout our life time, we have always had some gut reaction or inner knowledge about things that are happening. This is all part of the God-given abilities and gifts we all have. How we use them determines their development. Many business deals or things done in our lives are done with a lot of research, education, practice and application of this knowledge we have obtained. This is the same way with developing spiritual and psychic abilities.

We all have been given these abilities, but it takes research, education, practice and application of these gifts/abilities to develop and advance them. It is important in this instance to learn as much as you can through mediation, prayer, seminars, lectures, books, tapes and such, to help fill in the inner knowledge and prepare the spirit/soul for this Spiritual Awakening. When we talk about gut reactions and instincts, we are talking about our inner knowledge and guidance. Whether you call it guidance from the divine, angels or our higher selves, we are guided in our steps in life as we learn, experience and grow from these experiences. Many times these instincts have guided us from death, from violence, from money or business losses, tec.

Are we really aware that there is a higher order watching out for us? In most cases, no. We are so involved with ourselves that we are not aware of the glory around us. There is glory in God's creations, glory in the beauty He created, glory in the things we do for one another out of kindness, unselfishness and love. God rewards us when we listen to these instincts. Developing your instincts and fine tuning them is the first thing that you must do. Place complete trust in the Divine to guide you in the right steps and you will succeed.

Trust in the knowledge that is given to you is important for your development. To test this knowledge and to make sure it is from the Divine and Higher Good, always ask yes and no questions. When the answer is the correct response you will feel inner peace and guidance as well as the inner energy of light. I call it "the flame of the Divine", the positive energy force. When it is the wrong thing to do, you will experiences doubt, butterflies, churning stomach. These are just a few of the symptoms. You will feel more negativity as well as darkness. Trusting and believing that you will receive the knowledge and guidance from the Higher Good advances the soul.

Always surround yourself in your mind with white light, or God's light when you are asking for guidance. This is a form of protection that helps the positive energies of God and His light to assist you. With the many forms of darkness surround us all in everyday life, such as negativity, anger, and so on, makes it very difficult for the higher positive energy of the Divine to come through.

It is also very important to know you have these gifts and abilities deep inside of you and if you work with them in the light, they will develop fully. We all need to also realize one person's rate of advancement id different than someone else's.

We are all given in time, what the Higher Good feels we can handle. As your gifts and abilities develop, you will sense a deep hunger and thirst for knowledge including spiritual knowledge. The Higher Good and God Consciousness will direct you to the material and information that will benefit you at this time..

Never stop learning. As you learn, share your information with others, become a teacher, but don't stop being a student. When you do this, you will also take part in an equilibrium of positive light force of being student and teacher. We are all students and teachers, helping one another all through life. We are never a student, then advance completely to all teaching. If we understand this, we will continue to advance spiritually and psychically. The cycle is always changing. No one individual will always be the student or the teacher, it will be both in exchange of the positive light force.

Take the time to pray and meditate correctly. Don't just do it half way and expect immediate results. This step is one of the most important steps. Complete trust in your development and abilities as well as complete and total guidance from the light/universe is essential. Gods' light, love and peace to all.






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